One year has passed since 31 and now I’m 32. If I have to pick two major things that has happened for the last year, it has to be these: work and COVID-19.


Around one year ago, external investors (finally) invests in the company where I worked. The company made good product, gives positive impact to the customers, and the trend is looking positive for the industry. “Finally, it’s about time”, I thought back then.

I have previously read that when investors came, your company will change. And boy, it did change a lot. I have felt that this was a very laid-back company and it must change, as they should be doing something more to achieve the mission that drives the company. With this new era, the change started happening. This is where I learned that there’s a world of difference between observing change and actually experiencing change.

The journey has its ups and downs, but I am still excited to see what’s going to happen next. It has been an exciting one year and I hoped the company can still grow to the next level.


The year hasn’t been good as there’s always some negative news each month. However, the pandemic is the event that will really go down in history. To fight the virus, the government of Indonesia does Large Scale Social Restriction (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar). In Jakarta, it starts since March 2020.

I am thankful that I am now working in a tech company, so there is no actual urgent need to go out and come into the office. However I have been feeling anxious since Jakarta entered “PSBB Transisi” and people start coming back into the office in June 2020.

It’s not easy asking people to adhere to the health protocol. It also makes me sad because these people are supposedly “smart”. It seems adhering to the health protocol doesn’t correlate with how smart you perceive yourself. It just shows how much you actually care and respect other people.

I haven’t got the discipline to write all my thoughts since the pandemic start. I was hoping to imitate 1klikphillips’ vlog about Coronavirus. I did make some notes, but some of them are too personal.

Different than last year, in this moment of uncertainty I don’t really have any key learnings I can share. It’s because I am facing something new and currently still in the process of learning-adapting-understanding. Let’s hope we can survive until the end of the pandemic and can share what we have learned during those times.

See you next year.


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