January Reading Progress & February Reading Plan

January 2020

It has been 1 month since I posted my January Reading Plan. Has it gone well?

It doesn’t, heheu.

From the four books that I planned to read, I only finished two of them. Some stuff came up and I got distracted on my reading journey. I did finish four books though:

  1. Loving the Wounded Soul, Regis Machdy
    I made a post reviewing this book. It’s not bad, hoped it could spark more discussion in Indonesian (or at least Indonesian psychology) society regarding depression.
  2. Reksa Dana: Pahami, Nikmati, Rudiyanto
    I read articles from KONTAN saying that we should move portfolios towards Fixed Income Mutual Funds (Reksadana Pendapatan Tetap) because of the economic forecast in Indonesia seems to be moving towards recession. Reading this book gives me refresher on Reksadana.
  3. The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle
    As part of my job in implementing new company culture, I read this book and plan to share some of the insights I got in another post.
  4. Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport
    I tried applying some of the tips I read from his website and quite liked it, therefore I got interested in his book. It’s quite good.

February 2020

What’s next? Some of the previous book are still on the table/TBR shelf:

  1. Teh dan Pengkhianat, Iksaka Banu
  2. Orang-orang Oetimu, Felix K. Nessi
    Both are from my TBR since January 2020. Hopefully I have more time for fiction this month!
  3. The Second Mountain, David Brooks
    It’s one of the book we use at the office to build company culture, with emphasis on achieving joy from bringing success for other people (not just yourself; ).
  4. Everything is F*cked, Mark Manson
    I plan to do a book review at the office this month and this is one of the book that we plan to discuss.

Did you read anything good last month? Or maybe this month? Hopefully at least we get to read something enjoyable.


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