January 2020 Reading Plan

Looking back on my 2019 reading shelf on Goodreads, I conclude that my reading is quite random. There are no themes. I read “ramalan shio” kind of books and Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa winner at the same time.

I also procrastinate.

Closer to December, I suddenly read a lot of books to finish up my Goodreads Reading Challenge (I finished 52 books last year). Because I’m rushing it, some books are also the kind of books that I wouldn’t read on a typical basis. I didn’t gain anything from reading the book other than light entertainment. If I want to be entertained and have fun while reading, I might choose other books instead.

For my 2020, I’d like to have these 2 goals for my reading activity:

  1. It has to be fun/entertaining enough for me, or
  2. It contributes to my Self-Development

Therefore, I decided that I need to plan my reading for the next year.

I already prepared the basics: I got a new tablet and allocated funds for 1-year of Gramedia Digital subscription. Just going to say this upfront that 89K IDR per month for full access to all Gramedia books AND magazines is really super cheap.

After I browsed my “want-to-read” / TBR (to-be-read) folder in Goodreads, I end up with a whooping 473 book titles that I have yet to read. If I keep up the habit of trying to only read 52 books per year, that would take more than 9 years to complete! I guess that removing some TBR from the shelves is imminent.

Planning for one whole year seems to be too much. I wouldn’t know what kind of books would be published and I might end up wanting to read the newer books instead of the ones that I’ve planned before. Therefore, I decided to more detailed plan for the first quarter month!

I’ll review at the end of the month and try to plan ahead using early data.

(I have changed the title for this post from “2020 Reading Plan” to “1Q20 Reading Plan” until I settles with “Januari 2020 Reading Plan”

January Reading Plan

Orang-orang Oetimu, Felix Nessi

This book won Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa 2019 and it got raving reviews on Goodreads!

Book cover

Teh dan Pengkhianat, Iksaka Banu

Book cover

I loved his previous books (Ratu Sekop & Semua Untuk Hindia)!

Loving the Wounded Soul: Alasan dan Tujuan Depresi Hadir di Hidup Manusia, Regis Machdy

Book cover

I’ve been pulled out from my psychology roots for quite some time, especially with my current role at the office. I consider this book as a refresher. Reading about the stuff that you like might re-ignite the passion for the subject.

Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport

Book cover

I plan to decrease my social media activity this year (uninstalling some, like Instagram and Twitter on my phone) to be less distracted and more focused. This book might be relevant to the goals that I plan to achieve.

I think that would be the four book that I plan to read on January 2020. What are you reading this month?


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