Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (REVIEW)

Finally watched this on Netflix.

It’s surprisingly lengthy for a documentary about minimalism (more than 1 hour). Yes, it could be used for an introduction to minimalism. But they kept on repeating the same ideas over and over again. I think this could be just a 30-minute video on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, you can get about as much information about minimalism (even more, I think) by watching several YouTube videos instead.

I liked the idea of minimalism, but I’m not really a fan on how they execute this “documentary”. Both of the main character does nothing except going around and promoting their book. This felt more like an advert for their book rather than a documentary about minimalism. Some ideas are even adopted from Marie Kondo (“sparks joy” is the keyword).

I’m feeling that minimalism has become another buzzword. It’s what’s in right now. Look at Instagram and put “#minimalism” on the search bar. Look on YouTube and it’s just bizarre how minimalists look and feel the same on their videos. This is still a lifestyle, so it’s only accessible for people who had the privilege of choosing.

The main character here seems to met problems on his previous lifestyle (surrounded by capitalism and trapped on the rat race of corporate life). To solve it, he moves into the opposite end of the spectrum and become a minimalist. I’m not sure that it’ll apply well to everyone.


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