I have too much blog

“You have too many blogs, Goes…”, someone said that to me when he saw me opening many tabs in Mozilla Firefox. All of them are related to blogging or social media. That kinda struck my mind. Apparently, I DO have a tendency to not focus on one specific thing. In reference to Henry Murray’s Psychogenic Need Theory, I have a high n.Change (need to change, to experience something new).

I have a WordPress account. I also have a Posterous account. And Tumblr. Sometimes, I post notes to my Facebook profile (which I re-post to Twitter). While I have many media to blog, I don’t really have many things to say (this is kinda stupid, I know). But I have decided to use this blog to post stuffs in English. Maybe it would helped me in re-learning how to write in English. maybe I’ll get bored in using English and revert back to Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s see what’s going to happen later.


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